Tips to zero in on the best tactical tomahawk

I’m not just into knives.  I’m into all bladed weapons. I just love tomahawks.

Adventure tourism is quite popular now but one needs to be prepared for the bad situation too. Hence, keeping a survival kit along is always recommended. An essential item in a survival kit or backpack is a tactical tomahawk.

Factors to consider

A tactical tomahawk is an axe which is commonly used by soldiers when they are on field activities. But these days, it is used for many other purposes as well. The best thing about a tactical tomahawk is that it has multiple functions and can be used for many tasks.

If you are looking for the best tactile tomahawk, then the first question you need to ask yourself is why I will be using it? For example, if you are going to use it in your survival kit, then you should choose one made for such a purpose but if it is going to be just another tool for you, then choose one accordingly. Look at the parts and decide what the best one is.

For example, the handle length of a good tomahawk is one that has a lengthy handle so that it gives you a good grip. If the handle is short, then, you can use it for combat purposes mainly but if the handle is long, then, it can be used for cutting, butchering, opening doors and locks, opening shut vehicles and so on.

If you are looking for the best tactical tomahawk for your survival kit, then choose one with spiked back as it facilitates better piercing. It is also the best to use in case of self-defence.

The edge of the tomahawk is another factor. Though the length of the cutting edge may vary, the best ones are those with circular cut outs as it will be lighter to carry and will the best one for your survival kit.

The best tactical tomahawks of today come with additional sharp edges other than the traditional edges, the advantage of which is that it comes handy in case if you have to use for defending yourself or for attacking.

What else can it be used for?

Plus, if you are out camping in the wild, a tomahawk can be very useful. They can be used for building tent, for chopping firewood and so on.  Another advantage of tomahawk is that being lightweight, it can be carried around and while you are travelling or going on trekking or any adventure tour, it can come handy for several tasks. Unlike axes, which can get very heavy and can do only one task, tomahawks are much better.

Tomahawks are good for chopping and even rope can be cut with it.


To conclude, the definition of the best tactical tomahawk differs as the tasks it is designed for. You get many types of tomahawk that come with different properties. Yet, any of these can be used for multiple functions. One of the best tomahawks that are available is the survival tomahawk as it comes in great designs. For specialized purposes, choose one that is made with that purpose in mind. In any case, look at the blade strength, the handle grip and weight and bring home the most suitable one for your tasks.