Mora Bushcraft survival knife review – outdoor superstar


When experts talk about Mora Bushcraft knife, the only thing that best describes this survival knife is that it actually makes your other survival knives look like rip off.

Specifications of Mora Bushcraft:

  • Steel type: high carbon or stainless steel
  • Length of the blade = 4.35 inches
  • Total length of the blade – 9.3 inches approx.
  • Weight of the blade (including sheath) = 5.7 inches
  • Weight of the blade (excluding the sheath) = 4.3 ounces
  • Originated = Sweden by Mora knives.

The Blade:

The blade of Bushcraft 4.3 inches and is 3.2millimeters thick. This is available in two kinds. Stainless steel and carbon steel which is tungsten coated. The stainless steel blade is quite strong. It can withstand its shape even When put through a wringer. The slanting or the oblique section so the blade is quite short and the whole blade tapers down to a spikey pointed knife. This spike is suitable for many things and it’s so sharp that it can drive through a can of beans or even plywood.

The back edge of the Mora Bushcraft knife is very well finished. The tungsten coating that we discussed earlier is very effective but keep an eye as it tends to discolor quite easily. Do not use anything coarse to wipe off the corrosion. You may scratch off the coating. When you unpack your new Mora Bushcraft knife the edge is very sharp and it will hold on to this sharpness for very long time.

Construction of Mora Bushcraft survival knife:

the handle of the knife is made of textured rubber. This rubber is very grippy even when it is covered with water, slime or mud. The sheath that is included with the knife. This sheath basically comes with a full loop and a clip belt. All the above mentioned parts are made up of semi hard and tough plastic. There is also a drain hold present at the bottom of the sheath.

The textured rubber grip is very effective and easy to handle. The length of the blade for this knife is just right. One can easily cut rope, paper, meat, wood etc.

Size and Sharpness

Size wise, this knife is not a small knife and this is not a fixed blade knife. So getting used to this kind of knife may take while. It fits quite well in a medium size hand. The sheath present outside ensures that you have a clean knife draw every time you take it out.  The sheath also allows it to flip out when you sit anywhere.

When tested, this extremely sharp knife passed all the tests. It cut right into the wood and split it cleanly. Cut the meat very sharply and the rope also had all clean cuts.

The best feature about this knife is its sharpness which can be frightening at times. It is quite low priced for the quality and the sharpness you get. Totally worth every penny. The rubber grip which makes it a class apart is not slippery and well textured.

This is a versatile knife and it has proven to be one in all the tests. From paper to had wood, it has always given beautiful clean cuts.