Francesco Pachi

Francesco Pachi is world famous for the artistic knives he creates. As a bow hunter, outdoorsman, and lover of tradition and history, he is an artist with vision, who easily transfers what he sees into the beautiful knives that he loves to create. Not only does he work magic with the modern steels of today, but he embellishes them with gold, intricate engraving, carvings and delicate scrimshaw. While many of his very original knives are genuinely works of art, they are first and foremost designed to be used, and most of them are put to use regularly.

In the knives that he creates, we see tools that are art, because the steel that he shapes and sharpens, combined with exotic woods, bones, ivories and exotic metals, are irresistable to the eye.
Then when they pass into the hands of his lovely wife, Mirella, a true artist in her own right, their destiny is complete when she embellishes their handles with her flawless scrimshaw.

Francesco Pachi first began making and selling his custom knives in 1991, initially to close friends and acquaintances, people interested in owning fine cutlery. Within a short period of time, the quality of his work had reached a point where he was considered one of the premiere knife makers in Europe. You can meet him and see his creations “live” at many of Europe’s major knife shows and now in the United States. At these shows he will be pleased to discuss with you how he makes his knives and the materials employed. His knives are all made by the stock removal method, hollow grinding and mirror polishing the blades, which may be of ATS-34, stainless Damascus, or even carbon Damascus.

While he makes many different knives of a variety of high quality materials, he does make knives designed to please the most discriminating collector. When it comes to heat treating, Pachi (pronounced Puh-Key) performs this critical operation himself, guaranteeing optimum hardness for the blade steel being used. Pachi knives are almost exclusively of utility, hunter and skinner design, each carefully designed and deliberately finished, featuring the finest handle materials available. Each knife he creates can be considered personalized, as the artist will make them to suit the requirements of the collector, relative to handle material choice, engraving, scrimshaw, etc. Pachi also furnishes his knives with a fine leather sheath and a corduroy pouch to protect if from the elements.

While many of his knives are created based on his artistic feelings of the moment, he does create knives based on the desires of his customers. If you provide him with a commission, he guarantees that between the two of you, he will create a knife that will definitely not disappoint you. The fact that you can actively participate in the design of “your” new Pachi knife will make the ownership of that knife so much more rewarding.