Fällkniven S1 forest knife survival knife review


Fällkniven is a name of the company which means folding knives. This is a family business which is known for making great quality knives. They put immense effort in their products and providing a world class customer service. Fallkniven are popularly known producing knives which are beautifully sleek and simple.


It’s quite practical and simple to use. People prefer fallkniven knives as they are very minimalistic. Let’s look at the specifications of S1 in detail.

Full length = 9.7 inches

Total blade length = 5 inches

Thickness of the blade = 0.2 inches

Total weight of the knife= 6.7oz

Hardness of the knife = 59HRC

Material of the grip = themorun

Type of steel = VG10 which is laminated

All about Blades of s1:

As stated above the fallkniven s1 knife is made out of laminated VG-10 steel. This steel is used for making edge and core. There is another kind of steel that is used for the sides. It’s the 420J2 kind of steel. This steel is hardened to 59HRC. This amount of hardening is good for retaining the edges and providing a great resilience in breaking. This knife has a convex drop point with an unsharpened back. This convex axe is not common in such Scandinavian knife. A Scandinavian knife usually has a scandi grind and this convex is usually seen in chopping kind of instruments. But this convex shaped knife performs very well and are quite sharp. It is so sharp and flawless that one can actually carve. The blades go through a strength test by the fallkniven company to ensure that the blades are strongest and give accurate results every single time.

Grip of fallkniven s1:

The grip of fallkniven s1 knife is made from Themorun. This kind of thermorun is a harder one than the normal thermorun. This grips covers the tang, but not fully. It leaves just a bit outside at the far end. This comes handy and very useful when the weather is very cold, the steel can damage the fingers for longer periods of time. the grip is impact and moisture resistant. The thermorun handle and the lanyard hold play a good role in making this knife a great one.

Other important Features of S1

The size of F1 the right size, the blade at first seems a little big but it’s not quite big. Its robust in its own way.

The convex edge provides a good combination for carving and wood cutting. The sheath is made of a material call kydex. Kydex is known for its impact resistant properties. This sheath retains the knife very well. This is a good survival knife which is also called as a bushcraft knife.

To conclude, fallkniven s1 is a great forest knife with abilities to carve, cut and do more. This is a great combination of a simple knife with an elegance. Everything about s1 is just right, Nothing less nothing more. A great quality knife with a design to be proud of. This well-proportioned knife with a great finish will be a great survival knife that you are looking for. If you get this knife you be sure be happy with the choice that you have made.