ESEE 4 survival knife review


When we think about survival knives, there are so many options that are available for you to choose from. There are many companies that are trying to sell you the best survival knife that will keep you safe and sound in a survival situation. ESEE 4 is one such good survival knife. ESEE is actually an Alabama based company in America. This company is owned by two people who test each of their knives to the extreme before they send all the knives for production. This company is known for selling the best knives in the market. This is a great knife with great features which makes it very useful for any outdoor activity.

The knife has

  • 5’’ blade
  • Highest quality steel
  • Best blade sharpness
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Small but very portable
  • Uniquely maneuverable knife in small tight spaces
  • Its hefty and is decently thick knife blade
  • Blade is made of 1095 57-Rc steel
  • Removable handles
  • Cuts through a lot of materials
  • Made of 1095 high carbon which is quite tough
  • The carbon is RC steel

More detailed specifications of ESEE 4 Survival knife

  • The entire length is 9 inches
  • The length of the cutting edge of the blade is 4.1 while the total length is 4.5 inches
  • Width of the blade is 1.2inches
  • The steel is carbon steel 1905 model.
  • The total weight of the knife is 8 oz. only.

ESEE 4 comes with a high quality plastic sheath which is quite sturdy and rugged. This is a perfect sheath which holds the knife perfectly. The sheath has two different pieces.

  1. The detachable belt clip and
      • This clip allows you to move the clip to any side on your body depending on where you want to clip it on.
  2. The main sheath
      • This main sheath is the one in which the knife goes into.

More about blade and sheath:

The ESEE 4 comes in two types of blades. A plain edge or a serrated blade. The high quality sheath comes with molle attachment and is held together by a bunch of screws which provide a good grip. The sheath is made of kidded. The weight of the knife is 8 oz. as discussed before but the overall weight along with the sheath is 13 oz.

Uses of ESEE 4

The ESEE 4 can be used to cut wood for fire, fix your gear, detach a thread, cut your food, you can split the wood, chop the ice and many more things. This knife is easyto maintain and quite easy to sharpen.

To conclude, ESEE 4 is priced on the higher side. A little more than $120. But you get what you have paid for. A really good knife of high quality. Even though the blade is coated, but you need to keep lubricating the blade to prevent it from rusting. This is one of the knives that comes with a life time warranty. So in case you break your knife, the company will send you a new knife right away.