Rambo IV Knife is the knife that was used in the film Rambo by John Rambo in the year 2008. When compared with the other Rambo films this knife is found to be a little bit different from the Bowie model knifes. This is a little bit longer and thicker than the other one. This was first designed by veteran of the Rambo film Gil Hibben.

Brief history

Knives have a long history; initially knives were made of Flint. Later copper, bronze and the iron came along and still is till date. The knives were a sense of pride and the handles would be crafted with ornate designs. The handles would be sometimes made of Ivory, gold or silver and encrusted with precious stones such rubies, emeralds and other gems. These were the knives of royals and rich men who could afford them that way. The knives of ordinary folk would have a wooden or metal handle or of animal skin.

Types of Rambo Knife

There are 3 different official replicas for the Rambo knifes. The first one is of Gil Hibben knife which is handmade. Other one is made by the Master cutlery which is also named as the Hollywood Collectibles group. Another is United Cutlery. The sheath of the knife made by the Master cutlery is of plain brown leather. Whereas that of the United cutlery is black leather. The sheath of the Hibben handmade is made up of genuine leather. The replica made by the Master cutlery is little bit different from that of the other two. This is because the Master cutlery is having the handle wrap made up of leather. But the handle that is made by the other two is of electrical tape. The material from which these are manufactured is also little bit different. Hibben handmade is constructed with D2 carbon steel. Master cutlery is from 1060 carbon steel and the other one which is named as United cutlery is 1090 carbon steel. Other than all these features the finishing for this are also different. The finishing for the Master cutlery is a little bit rough whereas for the other two it is semi polished. The sheath of the knife is around ¼ inch .The sharpness is more than the razor and this is having a flat grind. The knife pertain a hole which can be seen in the centre of the handle and this is seen wrapped with the leather string. This knife is considered to be around 18 inches long.

We cannot see any kind of new appearance in this kind of knifes. This knife is found to be almost same like that of an axe. This cannot be bend or it is not possible that someone can break the tip of the knife.

We can see many advantages on this kind of knifes. The blade of this knifes possess an authentic look. These are available in a tactical sheath. This knife can be used for the purpose of cutting anything.

When we think on the survival knifes the first thing that comes to mind is about the Rambo knifes. This gives the same power and the strength that the smaller knifes is not able to give. This can be useful as a lever or as a large cutter.