I’m not just into knives.  I’m into all bladed weapons. I just love tomahawks.

Adventure tourism is quite popular now but one needs to be prepared for the bad situation too. Hence, keeping a survival kit along is always recommended. An essential item in a survival kit or backpack is a tactical tomahawk.

Factors to consider

A tactical tomahawk is an axe which is commonly used by soldiers when they are on field activities. But these days, it is used for many other purposes as well. The best thing about a tactical tomahawk is that it has multiple functions and can be used for many tasks.

If you are looking for the best tactile tomahawk, then the first question you need to ask yourself is why I will be using it? For example, if you are going to use it in your survival kit, then you should choose one made for such a purpose but if it is going to be just another tool for you, then choose one accordingly. Look at the parts and decide what the best one is.

For example, the handle length of a good tomahawk is one that has a lengthy handle so that it gives you a good grip. If the handle is short, then, you can use it for combat purposes mainly but if the handle is long, then, it can be used for cutting, butchering, opening doors and locks, opening shut vehicles and so on.

If you are looking for the best tactical tomahawk for your survival kit, then choose one with spiked back as it facilitates better piercing. It is also the best to use in case of self-defence.

The edge of the tomahawk is another factor. Though the length of the cutting edge may vary, the best ones are those with circular cut outs as it will be lighter to carry and will the best one for your survival kit.

The best tactical tomahawks of today come with additional sharp edges other than the traditional edges, the advantage of which is that it comes handy in case if you have to use for defending yourself or for attacking.

What else can it be used for?

Plus, if you are out camping in the wild, a tomahawk can be very useful. They can be used for building tent, for chopping firewood and so on.  Another advantage of tomahawk is that being lightweight, it can be carried around and while you are travelling or going on trekking or any adventure tour, it can come handy for several tasks. Unlike axes, which can get very heavy and can do only one task, tomahawks are much better.

Tomahawks are good for chopping and even rope can be cut with it.


To conclude, the definition of the best tactical tomahawk differs as the tasks it is designed for. You get many types of tomahawk that come with different properties. Yet, any of these can be used for multiple functions. One of the best tomahawks that are available is the survival tomahawk as it comes in great designs. For specialized purposes, choose one that is made with that purpose in mind. In any case, look at the blade strength, the handle grip and weight and bring home the most suitable one for your tasks.







When we think about survival knives, there are so many options that are available for you to choose from. There are many companies that are trying to sell you the best survival knife that will keep you safe and sound in a survival situation. ESEE 4 is one such good survival knife. ESEE is actually an Alabama based company in America. This company is owned by two people who test each of their knives to the extreme before they send all the knives for production. This company is known for selling the best knives in the market. This is a great knife with great features which makes it very useful for any outdoor activity.

The knife has

  • 5’’ blade
  • Highest quality steel
  • Best blade sharpness
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Small but very portable
  • Uniquely maneuverable knife in small tight spaces
  • Its hefty and is decently thick knife blade
  • Blade is made of 1095 57-Rc steel
  • Removable handles
  • Cuts through a lot of materials
  • Made of 1095 high carbon which is quite tough
  • The carbon is RC steel

More detailed specifications of ESEE 4 Survival knife

  • The entire length is 9 inches
  • The length of the cutting edge of the blade is 4.1 while the total length is 4.5 inches
  • Width of the blade is 1.2inches
  • The steel is carbon steel 1905 model.
  • The total weight of the knife is 8 oz. only.

ESEE 4 comes with a high quality plastic sheath which is quite sturdy and rugged. This is a perfect sheath which holds the knife perfectly. The sheath has two different pieces.

  1. The detachable belt clip and
      • This clip allows you to move the clip to any side on your body depending on where you want to clip it on.
  2. The main sheath
      • This main sheath is the one in which the knife goes into.

More about blade and sheath:

The ESEE 4 comes in two types of blades. A plain edge or a serrated blade. The high quality sheath comes with molle attachment and is held together by a bunch of screws which provide a good grip. The sheath is made of kidded. The weight of the knife is 8 oz. as discussed before but the overall weight along with the sheath is 13 oz.

Uses of ESEE 4

The ESEE 4 can be used to cut wood for fire, fix your gear, detach a thread, cut your food, you can split the wood, chop the ice and many more things. This knife is easyto maintain and quite easy to sharpen.

To conclude, ESEE 4 is priced on the higher side. A little more than $120. But you get what you have paid for. A really good knife of high quality. Even though the blade is coated, but you need to keep lubricating the blade to prevent it from rusting. This is one of the knives that comes with a life time warranty. So in case you break your knife, the company will send you a new knife right away.





Fällkniven is a name of the company which means folding knives. This is a family business which is known for making great quality knives. They put immense effort in their products and providing a world class customer service. Fallkniven are popularly known producing knives which are beautifully sleek and simple.


It’s quite practical and simple to use. People prefer fallkniven knives as they are very minimalistic. Let’s look at the specifications of S1 in detail.

Full length = 9.7 inches

Total blade length = 5 inches

Thickness of the blade = 0.2 inches

Total weight of the knife= 6.7oz

Hardness of the knife = 59HRC

Material of the grip = themorun

Type of steel = VG10 which is laminated

All about Blades of s1:

As stated above the fallkniven s1 knife is made out of laminated VG-10 steel. This steel is used for making edge and core. There is another kind of steel that is used for the sides. It’s the 420J2 kind of steel. This steel is hardened to 59HRC. This amount of hardening is good for retaining the edges and providing a great resilience in breaking. This knife has a convex drop point with an unsharpened back. This convex axe is not common in such Scandinavian knife. A Scandinavian knife usually has a scandi grind and this convex is usually seen in chopping kind of instruments. But this convex shaped knife performs very well and are quite sharp. It is so sharp and flawless that one can actually carve. The blades go through a strength test by the fallkniven company to ensure that the blades are strongest and give accurate results every single time.

Grip of fallkniven s1:

The grip of fallkniven s1 knife is made from Themorun. This kind of thermorun is a harder one than the normal thermorun. This grips covers the tang, but not fully. It leaves just a bit outside at the far end. This comes handy and very useful when the weather is very cold, the steel can damage the fingers for longer periods of time. the grip is impact and moisture resistant. The thermorun handle and the lanyard hold play a good role in making this knife a great one.

Other important Features of S1

The size of F1 the right size, the blade at first seems a little big but it’s not quite big. Its robust in its own way.

The convex edge provides a good combination for carving and wood cutting. The sheath is made of a material call kydex. Kydex is known for its impact resistant properties. This sheath retains the knife very well. This is a good survival knife which is also called as a bushcraft knife.

To conclude, fallkniven s1 is a great forest knife with abilities to carve, cut and do more. This is a great combination of a simple knife with an elegance. Everything about s1 is just right, Nothing less nothing more. A great quality knife with a design to be proud of. This well-proportioned knife with a great finish will be a great survival knife that you are looking for. If you get this knife you be sure be happy with the choice that you have made.







When experts talk about Mora Bushcraft knife, the only thing that best describes this survival knife is that it actually makes your other survival knives look like rip off.

Specifications of Mora Bushcraft:

  • Steel type: high carbon or stainless steel
  • Length of the blade = 4.35 inches
  • Total length of the blade – 9.3 inches approx.
  • Weight of the blade (including sheath) = 5.7 inches
  • Weight of the blade (excluding the sheath) = 4.3 ounces
  • Originated = Sweden by Mora knives.

The Blade:

The blade of Bushcraft 4.3 inches and is 3.2millimeters thick. This is available in two kinds. Stainless steel and carbon steel which is tungsten coated. The stainless steel blade is quite strong. It can withstand its shape even When put through a wringer. The slanting or the oblique section so the blade is quite short and the whole blade tapers down to a spikey pointed knife. This spike is suitable for many things and it’s so sharp that it can drive through a can of beans or even plywood.

The back edge of the Mora Bushcraft knife is very well finished. The tungsten coating that we discussed earlier is very effective but keep an eye as it tends to discolor quite easily. Do not use anything coarse to wipe off the corrosion. You may scratch off the coating. When you unpack your new Mora Bushcraft knife the edge is very sharp and it will hold on to this sharpness for very long time.

Construction of Mora Bushcraft survival knife:

the handle of the knife is made of textured rubber. This rubber is very grippy even when it is covered with water, slime or mud. The sheath that is included with the knife. This sheath basically comes with a full loop and a clip belt. All the above mentioned parts are made up of semi hard and tough plastic. There is also a drain hold present at the bottom of the sheath.

The textured rubber grip is very effective and easy to handle. The length of the blade for this knife is just right. One can easily cut rope, paper, meat, wood etc.

Size and Sharpness

Size wise, this knife is not a small knife and this is not a fixed blade knife. So getting used to this kind of knife may take while. It fits quite well in a medium size hand. The sheath present outside ensures that you have a clean knife draw every time you take it out.  The sheath also allows it to flip out when you sit anywhere.

When tested, this extremely sharp knife passed all the tests. It cut right into the wood and split it cleanly. Cut the meat very sharply and the rope also had all clean cuts.

The best feature about this knife is its sharpness which can be frightening at times. It is quite low priced for the quality and the sharpness you get. Totally worth every penny. The rubber grip which makes it a class apart is not slippery and well textured.

This is a versatile knife and it has proven to be one in all the tests. From paper to had wood, it has always given beautiful clean cuts.




Francesco Pachi is world famous for the artistic knives he creates. As a bow hunter, outdoorsman, and lover of tradition and history, he is an artist with vision, who easily transfers what he sees into the beautiful knives that he loves to create. Not only does he work magic with the modern steels of today, but he embellishes them with gold, intricate engraving, carvings and delicate scrimshaw. While many of his very original knives are genuinely works of art, they are first and foremost designed to be used, and most of them are put to use regularly.

In the knives that he creates, we see tools that are art, because the steel that he shapes and sharpens, combined with exotic woods, bones, ivories and exotic metals, are irresistable to the eye.
Then when they pass into the hands of his lovely wife, Mirella, a true artist in her own right, their destiny is complete when she embellishes their handles with her flawless scrimshaw.

Francesco Pachi first began making and selling his custom knives in 1991, initially to close friends and acquaintances, people interested in owning fine cutlery. Within a short period of time, the quality of his work had reached a point where he was considered one of the premiere knife makers in Europe. You can meet him and see his creations “live” at many of Europe’s major knife shows and now in the United States. At these shows he will be pleased to discuss with you how he makes his knives and the materials employed. His knives are all made by the stock removal method, hollow grinding and mirror polishing the blades, which may be of ATS-34, stainless Damascus, or even carbon Damascus.

While he makes many different knives of a variety of high quality materials, he does make knives designed to please the most discriminating collector. When it comes to heat treating, Pachi (pronounced Puh-Key) performs this critical operation himself, guaranteeing optimum hardness for the blade steel being used. Pachi knives are almost exclusively of utility, hunter and skinner design, each carefully designed and deliberately finished, featuring the finest handle materials available. Each knife he creates can be considered personalized, as the artist will make them to suit the requirements of the collector, relative to handle material choice, engraving, scrimshaw, etc. Pachi also furnishes his knives with a fine leather sheath and a corduroy pouch to protect if from the elements.

While many of his knives are created based on his artistic feelings of the moment, he does create knives based on the desires of his customers. If you provide him with a commission, he guarantees that between the two of you, he will create a knife that will definitely not disappoint you. The fact that you can actively participate in the design of “your” new Pachi knife will make the ownership of that knife so much more rewarding.




Stephen Olszewski


Thank you for your interest in Stephen Olszewski knives. Stephen has been building knives for five years now. I would like tell you a little about his background so you can get an understanding about the kind of knives that he likes to build. His occupation for the last 30 years has been a sculptor and jewelry modelmaker. A modelmaker makes the first piece or “prototype” by hand , this model is then put into a mold so that it can be reproduced by the company for the purpose of resale. His first love in this field has always been figure carving. “I’ve made a lot of models for companies like Hasbro, Playskool, Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, etc”. “Once I started to build knives, it was a natural tendency to transfer these experiences into my knives. Consequently, I make a lot of “figural knives”. “All of my knives feature plenty of deep relief carving. I get a lot of inspiration from nature. If I am going to try to copy anyone I would rather emulate God’s handiwork. After all, He is the Great Creator”. As a result, he doesn’t believe in copying other makers, although there are a lot of talented knifemakers out there that do quality work. He would prefer his knives to have their own unique look. Stephen has worked hard to develop his own style. Preferred materials are Damascus steels from some of the top makers, fossil ivories, pearl, and gold and precious stones as accents. “I really enjoy building knives, I consider it a labor of love. I would consider it an honor to design and put together a knife to your specifications. Or if you would prefer, you can purchase one that is already available from this site”. “My sincere wish and desire is that you enjoy owning one as much as I have enjoyed building it”.


A Rados Special Project knife


Jerry Rados Special Project Knife

Jerry worked many months developing this outstanding knife. Innovative screws and assembly techiques were incorporated into this one of a kind project. This knife recently sold for over $10,000.00
Watch this site exclusively for more special projects from Jerry Rados

This very intriging intregal Boot Knife is by knifemaking icon Jerry Rados. Jerry produced some of his finest Turkish Damascus for this special project knife. The intregal frame and bolsters enjoy some excellent file work and sculpting. The tang isn’t tapered, the knife is! The scales are oosik that has been fluted and wrapped with 18ct solid gold twisted wire. A ruby has been inserted in the eye of the handle. Jerry also made a small screw driver for the handle screws and inserted a ruby in it too! Another rarity is the hand sewn leather sheath. Jerry hasn’t made sheaths for over twenty(20) years. This is a great opportunity to own a knife from one of the ledgends in Knifemaking.


Rados Black Pearl Auto





Knives by Vernie Reed


Vernie Reed is a knifemaker from Kentucky. Vernie has only been making folding knives for less than three(3)years and has advanced his skills to the highest levels. What new plateaus will he attain? Check this site for new arrivals from Vernie






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Joe Olsen


This brief bio was submitted by Joe.
I was raised on a farm outside of Geyser, Montana where my father ran a farm repair shop and so began my education in making stuff. I went through college on an art scholarship and taught elementary art for three years. When I realized that I was too anti-social to be a teacher, I went in to construction and was a carpenter/cabinet maker for 15 years. After a serious back injury, I was forced to make some life changing decisions. The only conclusion I came to was knifemaking. This mostly came about because I wanted a good hunting knife and could not afford to buy one so out came the rudimentary coal forge and I was hooked. That was about 9 years ago.

My first knives were made out of old car springs that I scavenged from our scrap pile behind the shop. I then attended my very first hammer-in hosted by Rick Dunkerly. By being around the very talented Montana Makers (Barry Gallagher, Rick Dunkerly, Shane Taylor, Wade Colter plus Ed Schemp), I was inspired to improve my skills. My art background has helped my steel and knife designs which has made it possible for me to sell enough knives to make a living at doing something that I enjoy.

I like to do a “narrative” type of steel. I try to make knives that tell a story as well provide function and design. I am able to satisfy many types of buyers; those that are wanting an art form and those that just want something really cool.