A Rados Project


A Rados Special Project knife


Jerry Rados Special Project Knife

Jerry worked many months developing this outstanding knife. Innovative screws and assembly techiques were incorporated into this one of a kind project. This knife recently sold for over $10,000.00
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This very intriging intregal Boot Knife is by knifemaking icon Jerry Rados. Jerry produced some of his finest Turkish Damascus for this special project knife. The intregal frame and bolsters enjoy some excellent file work and sculpting. The tang isn’t tapered, the knife is! The scales are oosik that has been fluted and wrapped with 18ct solid gold twisted wire. A ruby has been inserted in the eye of the handle. Jerry also made a small screw driver for the handle screws and inserted a ruby in it too! Another rarity is the hand sewn leather sheath. Jerry hasn’t made sheaths for over twenty(20) years. This is a great opportunity to own a knife from one of the ledgends in Knifemaking.


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